Harleysville Financial : 2021 Annual Report


Harleysville Financial Corporation, (the “Company”) is a Pennsylvania corporation headquartered in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. The Company became the bank holding company for Harleysville Bank, in connection with the holding company reorganization of the Bank in February 2000 (the “Reorganization”). In August 1987, the Bank’s predecessor, Harleysville Savings Association, converted to the stock form of organization. The Bank, whose predecessor was originally, incorporated in 1915, converted from a Pennsylvania chartered, permanent reserve fund savings association to a Pennsylvania chartered stock savings bank in June 1991. The Bank operates from six full-service offices located in Montgomery County and one office located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The Bank’s primary market area includes Montgomery County, which has the third largest population and the second highest per capita income in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and, to a lesser extent, Bucks County. As of September 30, 2021, the Company had $892.6 million of total assets, $725.9 million of deposits and $80.7 million of stockholders’ equity. The Company’s stockholders’ equity constituted 9.0% of total assets as of September 30, 2021.

The Bank’s primary business consists of attracting deposits from the general public and business customers through a variety of deposit programs and investing such deposits principally in first mortgage loans secured by residential properties in the Bank’s primary market area. The Bank also originates a variety of consumer loans, predominately home equity loans and lines of credit also secured by residential properties in the Bank’s primary lending area. The Bank is also engaged in the general commercial banking business, and provides a full range of commercial loans and commercial real estate loans to customers in the Bank’s primary market area. The Bank serves its customers through its full-service branch network, the internet, telephone and mobile banking.

Deposits with the Bank are insured to the maximum extent provided by law through the Deposit Insurance Fund administered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”). The Bank is subject to examination and comprehensive regulation by the FDIC and the Pennsylvania Department of Banking (“Department”). It is also a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh (“FHLB of Pittsburgh” or “FHLB”), which is one of the 11 regional banks comprising the Federal Home Loan Bank System (“FHLB System”). The Bank is also subject to regulations of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (“Federal Reserve Board”) governing reserves required to be maintained against deposits and certain other matters.

The Company’s principal executive offices are located at 271 Main Street, Harleysville, Pennsylvania 19438 and its telephone number is (215) 256-8828.


The Company’s most direct competition for deposits has historically come from commercial banks and savings institutions located in its market area. The Company faces additional significant competition for investors’ funds from other financial intermediaries. The Company competes for deposits principally by offering depositors a variety of deposit programs, convenient branch locations, hours and other services. The Company does not rely upon any individual group or entity for a material portion of its deposits.

The Company’s competition for real estate loans comes principally from mortgage banking companies, other savings institutions and commercial banks. The Bank competes for loan originations primarily through the interest rates and loan fees it charges, the efficiency and quality of services it provides borrowers, referrals from real estate brokers and builders, and the variety of its products. Factors which affect competition include the general and local economic conditions, current interest rate levels and volatility in the mortgage markets.

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