Is everything more expensive? From food to rent to gas, Clark County residents paying more for necessities

In 2020, property owners served by Vancouver Public Schools saw a rate of $3.08 per $1,000 of assessed value in a combination of an operations and maintenance levy, a technology levy and a 2017 construction bond. In 2021, that rate increased to $3.71 per $1,000 assessed value with a supplemental levy intended to maintain smaller class sizes and assist teachers.

College tuition rates didn’t trend in any major direction. Students at Clark College saw a slight increase, indicative of a trend in years past. For an in-state student taking 15 credit hours per quarter of lower-division classes, tuition increased by approximately 2.68 percent. That trend remained relatively similar for students taking upper-division classes and for those from out of state.

At Washington State University Vancouver, tuition rates decreased by about 6.34 percent. In-state students paid an average of $11,761 per year in 2020, which decreased to an average of $11,016 in 2021.

Child Care

The cost of child care remains high but doesn’t appear to have increased drastically over the last year. The Consumer Price Index for the Seattle area showed tuition, school fees and child care increased by 0.8 percent since October of last year.

“Rates were fairly flat during the pandemic to date but are beginning to react more to the market pressures,” said Michel Nelson, director of family and community engagement at Child Care Aware Washington.

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