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To say that the real estate market has shifted and evolved throughout the past year would be a slight understatement. Over the past 365 days, home prices have skyrocketed. Owners’ home values have climbed further and further upward. Competition for housing has been extremely stiff. Investors are snatching up properties in every market—large and small. Buyers who would normally be able to secure homes are being priced out left and right.

As 2021 comes to a close, the pandemic-fueled home-buying uptick continues. Homes are still selling for well over asking price in most markets, despite being in the historically slow season for real estate. Buyers are still struggling to find houses in most markets. Cash buying dominates. Most markets are still facing extremely low levels of housing inventory. And, home values are still skyrocketing for the lucky homeowners who have managed to secure properties.

With so many unusual trends occurring in the housing market, it begs the question of what will happen with real estate in 2022. Will markets continue to be on fire? Will the pandemic continue to fuel low interest rates? Perhaps most importantly, what can you expect next year’s dominating real estate trends to be—and why?

To help answer these burning real estate questions, rent-to-own platform ZeroDown compiled a list of 10 real estate trends to follow in 2022, using information from real estate agents, forecast models, brokers, and other real estate experts. Here’s what that information showed about next year’s real estate trends.

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