JLL Spark announces new fund for China-based proptech companies

SHANGHAI, Nov. 6, 2022 – JLL is increasing its technology presence in China and intends to set up a new RMB fund. The JLL Spark China Venture Fund will launch in 2023 allocated for financing China-based proptech companies. The fund will focus on seed and Series A investments into startups where JLL can play a significant role in bringing them to market with its client base.

Led by experienced developers, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors of high-growth tech companies and commercial real estate experts, JLL Technologies (JLLT) delivers a comprehensive technology portfolio of purpose-built software platforms, apps, hardware and technology services, as well as innovations from venture-backed companies.

JLLT has launched two products in China to empower commercial real estate and support clients’ growth, Real Estate Partner and Rujian Data. Real Estate Partner is a commercial real estate leasing service platform and Ruijiang Data is an analytical platform for office.

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