What Can Automation Achieve in an Apartment Building?

The world is changing. Over the next decade, the on-demand economy and reliance on ecommerce is going to double, according to Cyrus Claffey, founder of ButterflyMX, and that is going to mean more package delivery and more in-person services for building operators to manage on behalf of tenants. Claffey gave a spotlight presentation at the GlobeSt.com Multifamily conference earlier this year about how automation can help to manage these challenges and drive operational efficiency.

Today’s average renter is consuming online services. Some of that results in an avalanche of package deliveries. This has become a problem for operators have every level. Large operators with 24-hour onsite staff are able to collect packages, but storing them has become cumbersome. For smaller owners or owners of class-B or class-C assets, which typically don’t have an onsite staff, the package problem is an even greater challenge. But, according to Claffey, it isn’t only online shopping. Renters are also using services, from dog walking to in-home massages and food delivery, all of which require that non-residents access the building and sometimes the unit.

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